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On Job Training (OJT)

On job training (OJT) is a type of skill development where an worker learns how to do the work through hands-on experience. This is in contrast to skill formation that is purely cognitive or perceptual. OJT generally gives the trainee the opportunity to work in the same place and with the same equipment that will be used regularly which can make it an efficient approach to learning new things. It can also be a useful tool to helping unemployed people develop new job skills.



People on a software project
Software projects bring together people from different business areas who are all trying to achieve one goal. Think about your own project. There are two entities involved; the entity which initiated the project and the entity doing the technical work.

Different types of software require different levels of testing rigor. All code worth developing is worth having basic functional and structural testing, for example exercising all of the major requirements and all of the code. In general, most commercial and government software should be tested more stringently.


Communication Skills


Communication is the ability to share information with people and to understand what information and feelings are being conveyed by others. "Communication can take on many forms including gestures, facial expressions, signs, vocalizations". In addition, to speech and written communication. Teachers, students  frequently use non verbal methods to communicate.

Students often show disinterest in school by avoiding eye contact or sitting back in their chairs with their arms folded across their chests during instruction. Staff members may indicate that they have time to talk but they may show disinterest by grading papers or busying themselves while you are trying to talk. Conversely, a smiling, nodding face indicates that the listener is interested in what we are saying and encourages us to continue. Communication includes a broad range of actions which help the work more effectively with students and teachers.


How Important Industrial Training is

Industrial training is mandatory to bridge the gap in the academic curriculum and in the industry. This will help the students develop skills and competencies they require to become employable.

Read and watch free video importance of industrial training 
It provides an opportunity for students to apply theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom with practical application of knowledge required to perform a task. In the case of IT industry, the industrial training will also teach them how the environment will be when they go to work. It gives the students a feel of how their work environment will be when they join the company.  

Education, Certification and Employment

There is a wide gap between the knowledge imparted by universities and that required for the market place and so Hello World Industrial Training Institute thought of creating a modular training programs to augment the university available to most students.

The People most suited for this field have a technical background, They could be BCS, BSc-Computer Science, MCS, MSc Computer Science, MCA, BCA, BE Computer, IT, MCM, and any other Professional Software Course, Computer Science graduates. Such courses impart a certain amount of base knowledge in terms of coding or technologies. But these curriculum driven skill-sets do not necessarily prepare students for employability. Perhaps this is why you have Hello World Industrial Training Institute


Software Industry

The “human resources are the greatest asset” is a general statement, often heard in corporate boardrooms is true in most of the industries. However, nowhere are human resources as critically important as in the software sector. 

Human resources are not only the drivers and principal value-creators of the output of this industry; they are also the intellectual capital or the infrastructure investment. Therefore, attracting, training, retaining and motivating employees are the critical success-determinants of the software industry.


The Importance of Final Year Projects

Final Year Project is one of the most important aspects of your engineering degree .

“Engineering is that profession in which knowledge of the mathematical, computational, and natural sciences gained by study, experience, and practice is applied with judgement to develop economically effective use of matter, energy, and information to the benefit of humankind.” 




Many students know what type of degree they want to earn, but have not thought about how they want to use it.
Degree programs in information technology management teach students about computer hardware, software and networking, while also providing management skills. Graduates of an education program in information technology management might be qualified for various positions in computer management or administration. These professionals often emphasize proficiency by earning certification. Hello World Industrial Training is just one step ahead to train you and provide a Project Guidance.


Choosing a Career


Plan your career with Hello World Industrial Training and Project Guidance Nashik is now focusing on students career which throws light on the importance of industrial training in the corporate sector. The advantages of providing training and project guidance to diploma, computer science, engineering students, it will increase their strength, skills, knowledge and confidence.


Choosing a Career has become more difficult today. Career definitions are more fluid and changing and high levels of expectation from employers. There is an increasing tendency of frequent job changes by most men and women entering the workforce today due to wrong job choice and various other reasons.While pursuing their degree course, many students don''t have much time to spend in career planning.


Useful tricks to rise high in career

Tricks for Career Improvement

1.Learn the business.

Always say "yes" for opportunities that allows you to understand your company better in departments like, HR, manufacturing, sales, marketing, customer service,etc. Most of the companies also offers training program called as induction training to make the employee aware of the company targets.

2.Develop a love affair with your customers.

Learn your customers business more than your own and ask about their needs and help them to solve queries. Regularly read market publications and familiarize yourself with what industry analysts are saying.


Importance of Soft Skill

Importance of Soft Skill


Soft skills are learned behaviours which require training and focussed application. Soft skills will enable students with a strong conceptual and practical framework to build, develop and manage teams. They play an important role in the development of the students’ overall personality, thereby enhancing their career prospects.


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