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Useful tricks to rise high in career

Tricks for Career Improvement

1.Learn the business.

Always say "yes" for opportunities that allows you to understand your company better in departments like, HR, manufacturing, sales, marketing, customer service,etc. Most of the companies also offers training program called as induction training to make the employee aware of the company targets.

2.Develop a love affair with your customers.

Learn your customers business more than your own and ask about their needs and help them to solve queries. Regularly read market publications and familiarize yourself with what industry analysts are saying.

3.Learn the upstream supply chain.

Always try to keep urself on top of technical innovations, both within your field and other engineering and technology disciplines.

4.Don't stop learning.

Most of us are unaware of the challenges that we are going to face after joining an organisation as college gives us only technical knowledge. Becoming an effective communicator, team member or leader, or project manager are worthy goals to pursue.

5.Keep your technical skills current.

Try to participate and become a member of technical groups which will help in gaining knowledge about current technical skills.Try to share what all skills you have learnt with your colleagues.

6.Find a coach.

Approach people within the organization who can guide you with some valuable advice, direction, and support. More important than having technical credibility, your coach should be adept at navigating the organization.

7.Seek out new challenges and challenging assignments.

Challenging assignments take you out of your comfort zone and provide you with opportunities to set yourself apart.

8.Critique your performance.

Practice your new skills and try to be self-aware and realistic about how you're progressing. "New abilities don't come easily and those who excel in their own personal development take advantage of opportunities that sharpen their skills and grow their knowledge base through practice.

9.Think about the next step in your education.

"You need to start planning,"With some years of work experience will only allow you to make the most of your next learning opportunity and to rediscover the joy in formal learning."

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